This is usually where you would come to read about how I first got started in photography... but that's not important. Why I do what I do, that's important.

I create conceptual imagery; from still portraits to promotional video, I create visuals to capture an audience in order to spread a message, bring awareness, and hopefully to spark a change.

In 2011, I graduated from a program that was supposed to release me to the world ready to break into the fine art photography world, or the web design world. Unfortunately, neither of those programs prepared me for how the real world worked, nor what fields I was qualified to work in. I spent a few years dawdling with weddings and retail portraiture until I found a new program with Seattle Central Creative Academy, which introduced Business.

It was through this new program that I fell in love with motion capture, but it was also here that I learned that photography is not just a hobby or an art form, to be taken seriously and to succeed, you have to realize that it is a business first and foremost.

This taught me to take a whole new approach to photography and motion, to take every client through a process to find exactly what they need and exactly how to create the look they need for their promotional video or for their portrait.

At the same time, I create conceptual portraits to bring about awareness and spark change in areas that are close to my heart. Whether that's fighting for gender equality, pointing out ridiculous social norms in domestica violence, or bringing awareness to the invisible mental and emotional turmoil that many of us endure, I strive to create visuals with purpose.

I am Amanda Umberger. I am a storyteller, a producer, a director, a photographer, a creative, a business owner, and so much more.


As a creative, I focus on the big picture; as a business owner, I focus on the details. As a combination, I am a force to be reckoned with. From conception, to creation, to post production, I am focused on creating the best visuals to tell the story we aim to tell, in stills or motion.

I have been the studio manager and producer for Michael Rosenberg Photography since 2016. As well as managing the studio, I also have been creating behind the scenes video for Michael and various other companies in the Seattle area and beyond. 

In the last few years, I have worked at The House Studios, created visuals for Michael Rosenberg, Brandon Hill, FaceOut Studios, UbiSoft, Barnes and Noble, Curious Lola, Seattle Central College, Windemere, Aatma Fitness, Pippa's Real Tea, Homegrown Trailers, Keatley, Wildern, and more.

Beyond my photography and motion services, I am available for video editing, creative business consulting, assisting, and production services.
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