The Creative Process

Over the years, I've heard people say that "photography is no more than clicking the shutter. So how hard can it be, right?"

While I could go on for days about how there is so much more to photography than just clicking the shutter at a pretty subject, I prefer to share some insights into how the images I create are captured and what goes in to creating pieces like these.

Before I even begin, let me explain the moodboard. To the right, you will see many versions of the same layout, lots of pictures, some words, a title, and more. These images are not mine, but are images I've culled from the internet to show an idea of the mood, the feel, some of the poses, or the general look of what I am trying to accomplish. These images are by no means images I am trying to replicate or rip off, they are used for inspiration only.

Click on any of the moodboards to the right to get an idea of what goes in to each shoot and how we go from getting a great idea, to concepting the idea, to the final images. You may be surprised to see how much goes in to each set of images, whether it's how many people are involved, or how much time it takes to get from beginning to end.
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